LessonMakers Content Guidelines

LessonMakers is a marketplace for educational resources including; activities – lesson plans – printables -interactive notebooks – original books and literacy – worksheets – educational audio or musical resources – instructional videos – kits and bundles – training tools – images, graphics and illustrations.

This list is not exhaustive. There are also a few things that aren’t appropriate for LessonMakers, including;

  • Infringing resources. Don’t post resources that aren’t your original work (your work has to be your own).
  • Inappropriate Content. Please make sure that the content you’re posting on LessonMakers.com is respectful to all members of the pltform.
  • Services and non-educational goods. Products whose primary purpose is neither instructional, or for resource creation (gifts, apparel, swag, marketing or promotional materials, ads, services and so on) aren’t allowed on LessonMakers.com.
  • Duplicate Listings. Each resource can be listed only once on LessonMakers (with the exception of Bundles).
  • Resources directing Buyers to another sales channel. Don’t post resources that link to other online retailers or e-commerce sites.
  • Resources for an inconsistent price. You’re welcome to offer your work in other online retail outlets and marketplaces, but it’s important that your LessonMakers.com Buyers are not being charged a higher price or being charged for something that you’ve posted for free somewhere else.

Still need help? Contact us via Contact Page or send an email to shine@lessonmakers.com