How do I report or flag a resource on

You can report a resource on LessonMakers for reasons such as:

  • Violating your Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Violating TpT’s Inappropriate Content Policy
  • Violating one of TpT’s Guidelines
  • Violating your personal privacy

Note: For other reasons such as technical issues, printing issues, unhappiness with a purchase, etc., please contact us directly via our contact form. You can also reach out to the LessonMakers directly by clicking the ‘Product Q & A’ tab next to the ‘Comments & Ratings’ tab on the resource page.

There are a few ways to report a resource on LessonMakers

  1. Click the “Report this Resource” link on the product page,
  2. Send us an email at, adding the resource url in your email.

After your report, we will review the resource and the report before taking any action. Note that all reports will be kept anonymous.