How do I sell on is a marketplace for educational resources. We try to keep the platform as simple and straightforward as possible, helping educators, creators and parents buy and sell their original work easily.

When you first register as a member, you will be given the option to join as a Buyer, or a LessonMaker (Seller). If you join as a buyer, you will not be able to sell resources as we have kept your dashboard as simple and direct as possible for easy use and navigation. But do not worry; if you would like to start selling, simply Contact Us or send us an email ( with your registered email address and user name, and we can easily upgrade your Buyer account into a LessonMaker account within 24 hours.

If you, at first, register as a LessonMaker; you will have an extra dashboard (LessonMaker Dashboard) that allows you to create your store, and start posting for sale your resources and bundles.

Both accounts are free, and it is free to buy and sell on our platform. However, please do read our LessonMaker Payout Page for the commission rates and transaction rates for each resource and bundle sold on our platform.