How do I add a product to my LessonMaker store?

This is simple! After you have logged in, simply click on the Profile icon next to the Wish List/Cart Icon on the top right section of the website…

  1. Click on “LessonMaker Dashboard”
  2. On the left Menu, click on “Resources”
  3. Click on “Add New Resource” and fill up the form.
  4. After you have completed the form, you may either click on “Create Resource” or “Create & Add New” if you have more resources to sell.

* Please note: this is the first step to creating your resource. After you click Create Resource; the form refreshes and you will then have access to an array of fields for more product details. Always save all changes.

Need to edit your Resource?

  1. Simply go back to Resources on the left menu, and click on the Resource you would like to edit and you will then have more options to your post. Please do not forget to save your edits.

Still need help? Contact us via Contact Page or send an email to