A school district wants to make a large purchase but needs me to sign a Sole Source Affidavit first. What is it?


A Sole Source Affidavit, or a no-bid contract, is an exception to school districts’ purchasing rules. Most school districts must open up their purchases of supplies and materials to a competitive bidding process. One big exception though is if a product is considered to be unique or if the creator is the “sole source” of the product.

Each state and school district has its own rules on when a Seller qualifies as a “sole source.” It is the Buyer’s responsibility to confirm that their purchase from you complies with their school district’s rules. If you have any doubts about whether the purchase complies, we recommend you clarify this with your Buyer.

To lessen administrative burdens for LessonMakers Sellers, we ask that Buyers list only a single Seller per purchase order and Affidavit.