Can I contact a LessonMaker out of

Protecting the privacy of LessonMakers is very important; we do not easily share personal information. Privacy must be respected. We respect your privacy, and expect you to do the same. Sending unsolicited communications outside of to other users of this platform in any mode is considered spamming, and is against’s policies.

If you want to contact a LessonMaker about a resource, you can contact them directly by going to their store page and clicking on the Question tab. The LessonMaker will be notified of your question and should get back to you shortly.

If you have a question about a specific product in a LessonMaker’s store, you can ask on the resource page (just look for the tab on the page). If you still are not getting any response, then please contact us and we will help 🙂

Still need help? Contact us via Contact Page or send an email to